UPDATE: American River Parkway Clean & Safe Initiative

Report back on communities Clean and Safe Initiative

Supervisor SernaToday, after nearly six hours of staff presentation, public testimony, questions and commentary from me and my colleagues, and healthy debate, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors provided executive staff a better sense of which personnel deployment/funding option we should ultimately vote up or down at a third hearing next month. Overall, it wasn’t the decisive moment that I had perhaps foolishly hoped for, but I believe it’s marked progress in the right direction. 

I want to thank all those who took time to write emails, call and/or attended in person to testify. Hearing from our constituents definitely helped inform the discussion and affected all of our perspective on this particular challenge.

This would be the wrong time to let up. As we draw closer to an August hearing, it will remain particularly important for everyone invested in this effort to continue letting us know you’re watching, and that you expect a change from the status quo.

Speaker Dianna Poggetto - American River Parkway FoundationPlease stay tuned here and on my Facebook page for more specific information in the days ahead.

You can watch today’s meeting in its entirety online – go to item #71.  If you haven’t already, please read my Sacramento Bee guest editorial published on July 7.

Thank you.

– Phil

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