The Environment

I believe that good stewardship and prudent management of our natural environment and resources - the 23-mile stretch of the American River Parkway for example - are essential and fundamental responsibilities that we all must share. Good stewardship involves long-term strategic planning to minimize any possibilities of environmental damage or emergencies. Cooperation between county residents, government leadership and agencies are essential to ensure the protection and preservation of our natural resources for future generations.

County prepares for climate-related impacts

Climate Action Plan banner

From SACCOUNTY NEWS, June 29, 2021
Sacramento County Planning and Environmental Review (PER) staff are hard at work on the final draft of the Communitywide Climate Action Plan (CAP), which aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare Sacramento County for climate-related impacts for decades to come.
Climate change is expected to affect the region in a variety of ways: hotter temperatures and more extreme heat events; increased wildfire risks; unpredictable rainfall and flooding; reduced snowpack and impacts to the water supply, among others. 
PER staff expects the final draft CAP will be available for public review sometime in mid summer. You can be among the first to see it by signing up for email or text alerts

Board declares climate emergency

Land Park photo by Pedro Marenco

Sponsored by Chair and District 1 Supervisor Phil Serna and District 2 Supervisor Patrick Kennedy

Proud that by a vote of 3-1, on December 16, 2020, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved by resolution a declaration of climate emergency in Sacramento County. The first step in tackling any challenge is to carefully identify the nature of it. With the Board’s affirmation of the declaration we are well on our way to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, but that won’t happen without your help. As has been said so many times, climate change is the greatest existential threat to our planet and her people, and we all have a responsibility to do our part to secure a healthy and safe future for our kids, their kids, and their kids’ kids, etc. Thanks again to my colleagues Supervisors Kennedy and Nottoli for their thoughtfulness and support for the resolution.

  – Phil Serna

For more information, read SACCOUNTY NEWS, December 17, 2020, “Board Approves Declaration of Climate Emergency.”