Sacramento County amends Health Order for new tier system

COVID-19 virus image

On August 28, 2020, California Governor Newsom announced a new tiered system of county monitoring and criteria for re-opening of business sectors.  Based on recent data, each county will fall into one of four colored tiers – Purple (Widespread), Red (Substantial), Orange (Moderate) and Yellow (Minimal) – based on how prevalent COVID-19 is in each county and the extent of community spread.  Sacramento County was placed Purple/Tier 1 (widespread) for having a daily case count of more than seven per 100,000 people and positivity rate of more than eight percent. Sacramento County’s amended Health Order went into effect on August 31.

Read more about specific allowable activities for Sacramento County in SACCOUNTY NEWS.

For questions about the Public Health Order, please call the Public Health hotline at (916) 875-2400.

For more information about the County’s response to COVID-19, visit Sacramento County’s COVID-19 webpage.

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