Board declares local state of emergency

In response to recent civil unrest and significant property damage and loss in Sacramento County, my office received numerous emails and calls from constituents and others expressing concerns that the board of supervisors’ intent when requesting a declaration of emergency amounted to more police and military presence in our community, as well as a curfew in some or all parts of the county. Acknowledging this valid concern, it was important that we be expressly clear what our intent is and what it is not. I suggested the following language be incorporated into the resolution prior to adoption:

“WHEREAS, Nothing in this resolution shall constitute authorizing the automatic or immediate deployment of additional law enforcement and/or National Guard in either the unincorporated or municipal areas of Sacramento County. Furthermore, nothing in this resolution shall constitute an immediate intent to declare a curfew in the unincorporated or municipal areas of Sacramento County.”

On June 4, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the ratification of the Local State of Emergency Proclamation for Civil Unrest retroactively to May 30 with the language I suggested.

The board’s action was the first step to assure our access to state resources to help small businesses affected by recent violence, and to also protect our General Fund – a budget that is already severely stressed by the onset of the pandemic but that is nonetheless expected to continue funding important programs like the Black Child Legacy Campaign.

The County will review the need for continuing the local emergency at least every 60 days and will terminate it at the earliest possible date conditions warrant. Read SACCOUNTY NEWS for more information about the resolution.

I want to publicly thank everyone who contacted me and my office with your concerns – thank you.



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