Traffic Calming Projects in District 1

“Traffic calming” is the term used to denote measures that reduce traffic speed and enhance safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Once a year the County Department of Transportation (DOT) recommends the Board of Supervisors consider traffic calming projects located throughout the unincorporated County.  The Board will hear from DOT staff regarding the list of candidate projects at its April 17 meeting.  Since funds are limited, staff utilizes a point system to rank and prioritize projects.  Project ranking is intended to help the Board decide which projects to fund.  Because much of District 1 overlaps with the City of Sacramento, and the City manages local transportation improvements, the Board will consider only two candidate projects in District 1, each of which is recommended for funding.  Both are located near Vineland Elementary School in Rio Linda: I Street between 20th and 22nd Streets, and 20th Street between I street and Elkhorn Blvd.

Construction will begin Spring of 2013.

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