Presidential race reflection


American voters have spoken, and their decision must be respected.  That should not be confused with respecting who was elected.  I respect the office of President of The United States.  I DO NOT respect the occupant-elect.  Donald Trump earned the necessary Electoral College votes, but he remains a product of his words and actions.

It is clear that President-elect Trump is a racist.  It is clear President-elect Trump is a misogynist.  It is clear President-elect Trump cares little for people with disabilities. And, it is clear that President-elect Trump has no compassion for immigrants, most notably Latinos and Muslims.  Donald Trump is a global disgrace and an agent who will challenge our Constitution like no other.

I agree with Secretary Clinton that we must keep an open mind and give him a chance to lead.  However, his poisonous rhetoric during the past 18 months leaves us little hope.

I was asked today “What should we do?  This is what we should do . . .

Continue to support progressive candidates at every level.  Continue to challenge absent, ineffective and inequitable public policy, and those who make it.  Challenge with a hearty voice, pen and presence every move of this incoming administration, everything . . . thoughtless immigration policies, reckless Supreme Court nominations, climate change denial, attempts to overturn reproductive rights, threats to healthcare reform, renewable energy atrophy, foreign trade instability, domestic economic stagnation, environmental and natural resource exploitation, and perhaps most disconcerting, dangerous unilateral militaristic posturing, etc.

Despite who was elected, we remain a unique body politic of the people and for the people.  The last thing we should do now is lose our voice.  In fact, it’s a perfect time to raise it.

– Phil Serna


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