American River Parkway Clean up and Safety

American River Parkway Clean up and Safety

Supervisor Serna remains dedicated to protecting the American River Parkway and those who use it.  Since early last year, Phil has conducted joint monthly meetings with staff from the County Department of Human Assistance, Park Rangers, Sheriff’s Department, Sacramento Police Department, and local non-profit homeless advocates and shelter providers.  The purpose of the meetings is to provide shelter alternatives to those who would otherwise camp illegally within the Parkway, enforce the County’s ban on illegal camping, routinely clean-up derelict campsites, and provide a consistent public safety presence for Parkway users.

"It's how they're utilizing their rangers now," said Dianna Pogetto, Executive Director of the American River Parkway Foundation.  "With limited resources you become smarter and better at what you do.  They've really looked at it and engaged the ranger staff to say, 'How do we address the needs on the parkway?'"

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