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Supervisor Phil Serna PhotoIn recent weeks, the local media has covered in considerable detail Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones’ unfortunate reaction to the Mikel McIntyre “Officer Involved Shooting Review.” The review was authored by Sacramento County’s independent Inspector General (IG) and former City of Sacramento Police Chief, Rick Braziel. The report’s release came after the IG had consulted with both the Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s offices to ensure inter-agency sharing of information had been exhausted, and after the family of Mikel McIntyre filed a wrongful death suit against Sacramento County. The IG also released the review after the Board of Supervisors unanimously and respectfully requested (not demanded) the complete incident review 15 months after the incident occurred. This is all factual, incontrovertible information but it is important that the public draw its own conclusions about the McIntyre officer involved shooting review, which is provided here.

It is extremely unfortunate that Sheriff Jones has decided to react the way he has to what I and others believe is not only a very well-reasoned and fair incident review, but the product of exactly what is expected of our current IG, Rick Braziel. As has been widely reported, Sheriff Jones in response to the IG’s incident review, has decided to unilaterally bar Inspector General Braziel from particular county facilities including our jails, and from officer-involved shooting critical incident scenes. In doing so, he has effectively stripped Sacramento County residents’ ability to enjoy independent review of incidents in which people are injured or killed. Needless to say, this reflects very badly on the Sheriff’s respect (or lack thereof) for government transparency, and the principle of “independent review.”

Now, Sheriff Jones has suggested that the Board of Supervisors working with the County CEO’s office, and with his approval, adopt a newly worded IG contract scope of services that reflects administratively convenient language suiting him, but ignores the IG’s access needs. In fact, an early version of the warmed-over scope indicated that any future IG be barred from running for Sheriff for a designated period of time.

This bizarre and fruitless attempt to pull the wool over the Board’s eyes and that of the community finally came to a head on Tuesday, October 30 when thankfully my colleagues unanimously supported my motion to suspend consideration of any revised IG scope of services and instead directed county counsel’s office to return in a public hearing setting to explain her response to the question I asked weeks ago: is it even legal for Sheriff Jones to restrict the current IG’s access to county facilities and critical incident scenes, and in light of Sheriff Jones’ response, what other options does the Board possess besides simply revising the IG scope of services; e.g., subpoena powers, charter revision, Grand Jury intervention, or even a lawsuit? The hearing is scheduled for December 4, posted time TBD.

Finally, please know that I intend to fully support renewal of Inspector General Braziel’s contract this November. That said, I will remain very leery of any and all efforts to do so as long as the Sheriff retains the ability (assuming it’s even legal) and expresses the position that he exercise unilateral discretion to restrict the existing, or any future IG, from county facilities, from critical incident scenes, and/or from accessing the information and data necessary for the Inspector General to perform his or her job. Know too that I will continue to be outspoken on the subject of transparency as it relates to independent, unbiased and timely reviews of subject matter that is the distinct purview of the Office of Inspector General. I would encourage you to read the linked media reports and editorials below that shed light on my position in this regard.

I encourage you to express your position, especially given Scott Jones’ latest unfortunate, and desperate public statements on this matter (see his social media post below). Please let the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Sacramento County Sheriff and Sacramento County Chief Executive Officer know your position. Emails for these offices are listed below. Thank you in advance for your activism and willingness to engage on this important subject. Please revisit this webpage in the coming days and weeks to learn more about how to express your concerns in-person on December 4.

Thank you.  Sheriff Scott Jones Facebook Post 10-31-18



Phil Serna

Supervisor, First District



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County Sheriff, Scott Jones:

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